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I quit my job. I'm terrified, but I love it.

photo by Wendy Shepherd

5 months ago I decided it was time to leave my current job. I stepped out once again into the world of Indeed job postings and LinkedIn creeping, in search for something more fulfilling. Move 4 months down the road, 100's of resumes sent, multiple phone interviews and a handful of in-person interviews later, I came to a realization... I didn't want to work for anyone.

I read a stat somewhere that stated 72% of the work force dreams about living life on their own terms, in turn escaping the confines of a cubicle. I was one of those people, dreaming of greater things but never taking action, paralyzed by fear and the unknown. But at what cost?

I was spending more than 50% of my week dedicated to growing someone else's business, tack on an optimistic 30% spent sleeping to renew my energy, all in order to go back to my lovely cubicle to copy and paste my life away. This left roughly 20% of my week for family, friends, passions and "living on my own terms". Looking at this, all while working in an unfulfilling job, how could I not take the leap and see if I could build my own parachute on the way down.

All this to say, I quit my 9-5, "comfortable" job to build a life on my own terms. I've never been more scared in my life, but I've also never been more excited for the future!

Hey there freelance world, you're looking mighty beautiful today :)

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Header image by the beautiful soul and endlessly talented Wendy Shepherd.

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